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CrossFit aerobic capacity course : speed endurance warm up

3x ( 30 sec air squats w/15 second rest btwn sets )

plyometric: 3 sets ( 10 sec plate jumps with 50 second rest between sets )

ballistic: 3 sets ( 10 sec feet tuck jumps w/10 sec rest between sets )

efficiency: 60 second max effort plate jumps. target qty equals 5 times your 2nd set of plate jumps (i.e. 19 reps x5 or 95 plate jumps in 60 sec)

pure speed: 10 sec max effort row. record your fastest 500m pace speed within the 10 sec sprint

then 3 sets :

-5 x feet tuck jumps

-10x plate jumps

-20 sec row

-60 sec air squats

-1 min rest


5-7 minutes

coach goes over pistols and pistol variations

-bent knee

-using a band as assistance

-off of a high box standing to squat

-off a box sitting to standing

-using a plate for the heel

Metcon (Time)

50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

rowing, calories


alternating pistol squats
25 minute cap


assisted pistols ( pick variation that coach goes over or an option is alternating lunges )


40-30-20-10 cal row &

( assisted pistol squats or jumping lunges )